Welcome to the Colorado Volunteer Mobilizer (CVM) for Medical and Public Health Professionals.

Before hitting the register now button --- take a minute to read these instruction

The first question when registering is: which organization do you want to volunteer with? Please make a selection – if you are uncertain select either the General volunteers, Medical Professionals or P&EH – Public and Environmental Health (whichever one best describes your qualifications) for your home county.


If you are a retired or student volunteer please select medical or non-medical and then add the student or retired.


If you are licensed through DORA please list your license number with only the numbers no zeros at the front example RN.0009933 you would put 9933 if it is RN.00099003 you would put 99003

If you are an EMT please list the full license number including the letter at the beginning if there is one.

IF you are non-medical please do not select “other” if at all possible. Two reasons:  for example if we are looking for someone who can be an administrative assistant we would not be able to locate you, secondly do not list medical professions under other we will not know you are there.  If your occupation is not listed please try to find something in the list that you would be able to do if you were needed. 

We are waiving the two FEMA courses at this time. If you would like to volunteer after COVID 19 you will be required to take and provide the training certificates.

Your involvement as a volunteer will help ensure that people or animals affected by a disaster will receive the public health and medical care they need. Registration in the on-line database is your first step in meeting this urgent need within Colorado and the nation.  The information that you provide is not considered confidential and is public record, but will not be misused in any way. This secure system will also be used to contact you in case of an emergency, using email and telephone notifications.  

Thank you for wanting to volunteer.